Contacting Jon and Suki

Jon and Suki do get your comments, which I forward to them over SSB, once a day, but they cannot receive emails, photos, or look at websites, etc. They send a text-only SSB message to me every evening, which I turn into the post with whatever photos/videos I add from here. If you send them links/etc. they will no doubt go back and look at them when they get to an Internet-capable port... and that may be quite a while!

Also, please remember that they may not always be able to report in regularly, and I may not always be able to get the report published as soon as they do. Sooo... if you feel like you've been waiting longer than you expected -- keep waiting! They're safe, and eventually the next report will appear. :-)

And of course, they're grateful for your comments and well-wishes. They are sailing with a cloak of our collective love and good intentions, and it just can't get much safer than that!



  1. And thank you, Alan, for your many comments, which I forward to Pura Vida every day. I know they matter a lot. :-)

  2. Emily, I think they've gone through the worst of the weather en route. Here is a link that might be useful - and can be accessed free for a two week period. It shows the weather in their path, which looks fair through to French Polynesia. After Suki's description of last night's chaotic storm (which you can see on the graphics), it will come as a relief to followers!

  3. Aha, you're on to my alter egos. Best,

  4. Alan - Ha!
    Joyce - Thank you - I'll put something from that site on, today.

  5. Hi there, I just wanted to say that I found this blog through the Women & Sailing forum on facebook, and ended up spending most of the day yesterday reading it from start to finish. Oh, and did I mention drooling over the photos? Please thank the family for keeping such a wonderful journal of their adventure, their successes, their challenges, and their day to day life. My partner and I are hoping to head out on a similar adventure in the next 1-2 years, and reading incredible stories like this one help give us more confidence as newbies as we do our own research and make our own plans. I will be adding their blog to my regular reading folder. I can't wait to hear whats coming next for them!