I'm a very lucky guy.

I get to have two fabulous ladies in my life.

They not only love each other but are willing to co-habitate and they compliment each other perfectly.

Suki is an exotically stunning beauty... Pura Vida is the "girl next door".
Suki is waifish... Pura Vida is 'strong boned'.
Suki can charm you to tears... Pura Vida can beat you at arm wrestling.
Suki likes sugar... PV likes salt.

Both of them could be considered high-maintenance but always with the promise that if you are attentive and patient and little bit brave they will be more than worth the effort. The bestest companions you could hope for to to cross the seven seas......

Alright, that's all the metaphorical hocus pocus I've got... Here's the specs.

Pura Vida
1984 GulfStar 44 MKII
Center cockpit
13' beam
dingy davits
Achilles 9' tender w/ 6hp outboard
Cutter rigged sloop w/ running backs
Fin Keel with a skeg hung rudder
Perkins 4.154 with a gabillion hours.
3 Kyocera 135 watt solar panels
80 gallons of fuel
140 gallons of water
goofy homemade hydro-generator
alpha 3000 auto pilot
55lb Delta anchor
300' 3/8" chain
25lb Fortress
30' chain 250' 1/2" rode
A new red bottom
A pile of kids
6000 bits of GI joe's and bionicles and Barbie heads clogging her bilge pumps
Icom 710 SSB
Kind of out of date Given's life raft
Brand spankin new MOB pole which we have nicknamed Fuggeduhboudit
Bunch of sails. old, new and borrowed. I promise Chris, someday, we will give you back your spinnaker.
4 sling shots
6 pairs of high heeled shoes
2 BB guns
2 spearguns
3 machetes
11 vials of eyebrow tint
Enough scuba gear to start our own SEAL team

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  1. Oh Jonny, you are the man. What an amazingly adventure you are taking the family on. I am wondering if you can hijack Suki's great blog from time to time to submit some "Captain's Notes" I would love to hear about the trials, successes and the amount of duct tape you go through. You guys are the best, give the kids a big hug from us. Spencer