Our Journey

It all started in Marina Del Rey, in February, 2012. We untied our dock-lines, went out the breakwater and turned left.

We thought about going to Hawaii, but by the time we got to Cabo, I was tired of being cold, so we went around the corner, into the Sea of Cortes, and ended up spending the whole, magical year in the Baja.

It was life-altering, doing this thing, with our kids and having this experience. So much so, that we ended up selling our house. It meant saying goodbye to much that we loved: friends and family, a garden we had tended with high hopes... But we took the paltry amount we had left over after paying the Bank and decided we were gonna do it.

We were gonna...go for broke.
We now know exactly what that saying means. Literally: "GO...UNTIL YOU ARE BROKE".
Which at the moment, should put us in New Zealand, somewhere around next November.

After that...
Who knows?
All we know, is right now, exactly one year from the time we rounded the great Southern Cape of our continent, we plan to sail off of it... and across the Pacific Ocean.

It will be our first crossing.
We are exited and scared and we haven't done half the things we wished we could do to the boat. But this is exactly how we felt when we left Marina Del Rey. And taking that leap was so worth it!

Everyone we have ever met that has actually been out there and adventured and crossed oceans and visited remote islands and faced their fears and had these experiences has said the same thing to us and our children:
"Do it. Go for it. You'll never regret this time in your life."
And those people were ALL... really cool.


  1. the ancient nerimarMarch 24, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    I've got the map on the wall ready to go!

  2. I posted on another page of yours asking if you were heading this way, but now I see that you're going to New Zealand. That's great!! xo Alex Berl

  3. I posted on another page of yours. I see you're actually going to the pacific. That's fantastic... Alex Berl xoxo

  4. Hey there! Continued safe travels .... would love to catch up with you in NZ, AUS or ??? COL xxx