Coconut Milk Run

... that's one name for this voyage, apparently. Another is the Pacific Puddle Jump. These obviously make the thing sound a lot easier than it is, but maybe that's due to the new perspective gained by those who've done it. I found this video of another boat who made the jump, and I think it's enlightening for those of us "honorary future shellbacks" who are not actually aboard Pura Vida. Now we can see what this voyage looks like! Or at least what it looked like to some other people; for the real thing we'll still have to wait until Jon, Suki,  Kai and Hunter make it to a good Internet connection and upload their photos. Enjoy!


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  1. Emily, thank you for finding a video that gives us a visual of their experience! From the rain squalls to the dolphins to the bird on board, that was the moment I burst into tears! Big hugs and safe journey prayers to you our courageous you guys...the Brodericks