A note from the web-person...

Hello, everybody!
Since there are hundreds of people watching this blog, including some close friends and family, I wanted to let you know that Jon and Suki cannot see the blog or check their email during this trip. They send in their updates over SSB and I post them to the blog for them. I do send them some of the comments, however I can't send too much because of the crowded nature of SSB, and they can't respond to the comments, for the same reason. They do, however, appreciate getting the encouraging comments and feeling a connection to the people they love, so if you want to leave comments I will try to pass on as many as I can, within the limited bandwidth available.

Yes I do also send in the new names for Project Shellback, which they have been faithfully adding to their pillowcase-full of beautiful colorful cotton!

Also, please don't be alarmed if these postings aren't as frequent as we hope for. Jon and Suki have to turn off their self-steering and somebody has to manually steer PuraVida while the other person uses the SSB to communicate with me; it is not always possible to create that opportunity!

--Emily -- web-designer for The Wet Edge


  1. Emily, you are fantastic! What would we do without you??Thank you SO much for your contribution to this excellent adventure. The site looks beautiful too. Cheers!
    Jon's Mom, Sara

  2. Thank you for your sweet words, Sara! I totally love being able to do this. I see it as a HUGE honour. :-) And it helps my "dear-friends-are-floating-far-away-anxiety", too...
    I will send them all your comments, tomorrow when we sailmail again!!

  3. Hi Emily,

    I am enjoying the blog and sailing alongside right here at home. I'm old pals with Jon and Suki and would love if you could possibly send them this link of a short film that Jon's dad did back in 1962 ... not sure if he has seen it as it just popped up in the past while.


    Please pass along my good wishes to them as well and good speed through the Doldrums!