Didn't start out as a sailing couple... they were Television Actors.

Don't laugh.

TV acting is actually a pretty good "jumping off" place for any number of second careers. Which is a good thing, because, unless you're as sparkly as George Clooney or you were slightly-less sparkly, but deeply lucky and managed to land the voice-over gig of being Homer Simpson for three million episodes... every TV actor will eventually have "second career" thoughts .

Fortunately, for Jon and Suki, the TV Actor is uniquely prepared to forge a future career in almost anything...they are professionally trained to make shit up. The Actor credo is; "Drive it, like you own it" -even when you don't have a clue what you're doing, which , if you ask any Skipper, is also the very essence of Boating.

There are other similarities, between being a second rate TV actor and a good Captain;
  • They are on call 24/7... Ready at a moments notice,  to play whatever role is required- weatherperson, engineer, mechanic, scientist, wizard, doctor, nurse, cook...
  • They never call in sick-the show ALWAYS goes on.
  • Each knows everything there is to know, about maintenance (it's just a small matter of switching from "pumping Iron" to "fixing pumps").
  • The majority of them can tell a pretty good joke...
  • And finally, beyond almost any one thing,  TV actors and Cruisers will bear the burden of living a life of dire uncertainty... in order to achieve that paradise, which is living a life where you don't  actually have to go into an office everyday... or punch a time clock... and you get to wear bare feet most of the time.
So, as you can see, Jon and Suki were naturals.

The rest they learned from books...
and buying an older boat that needed everything fixed.
and fixing it all themselves,
and the endless supply of pity and love and help and support and teasing and spare-parts that they received from their fellow cruisers.

Jon and Suki have a new motto now;

"If WE can do this, ANYONE can".


Are two of the smartest, funniest, and most charming people on Earth.


  1. Believe me, I'll be following you!

  2. Best of luck on this wonderful adventure! I'll be looking forward to your blog entries along the way. God bless you all. Suzanne (Hurdle) Dangerfield (Jim's sister) :)

  3. Just the moment found out about your great adventure !
    as an old sailor (my Dad was one) I am totally envious...

    will follow along in your wake...

    Fair winds and a following sea !

    Art Hindle

  4. So glad this came to my attention ... I have a boat, old and not ready to go out on the sea at the moment and since I am perhaps in the same condition as the boat .. I will follow your adventures. Thanks
    Peter Mac Neill

  5. Enjoyed reading about your routines, sewing, reading, fishing and especially your routine about moving about your craft...but didn't come across anything about when you wear life jackets and haven't seen them in photos...

    Wishing you fair winds and smooth seas !


  6. Suki, I soaked up every word of your rivetting blogs of the last 2 days...
    just as all of you are soaking up Hiva-Oa and all it's charms.
    I was particularily thrilled by your arrival and greeter and the warm welcomes from your fellow travellers...were I one of them.
    I am definitely on board for the long haul !
    Enjoy your stay...heal in every way...allow yourselves a goodly stay
    You've earned it !


  7. While there please stop by and say hello to Paul Gaugin and Jacques Brel ...
    currently residing in Calvary Cemetery...

    Happy Trails !


  8. Enjoyed the latest blog...Marie-Jo and the waiter...
    didn't see a photo of her but...
    I'm rather anxious to know when you think you're leaving this paradise ...
    Also...enjoy your writing style, Suki
    I'll look forward to the book someday #;)


  9. Wow !! What a climb !
    just the photos scared the bejesus outta me and I've climbed some Alps in my day...
    Your adventure just keeps getting better...

    I check in daily...don't stop...Rock On !!

    Happy Trails !

  10. More great stuff...this going in my library when it is published
    Suki, you capture the moments so well !
    Please stay in this Island Paradise as long as you can and write on.

    Happy Trails !


  11. Haven't been on for a few days I must confess ...but enjoyed catching certainly loving the plethora of photos and the true stories of the people you're meeting and the places you're is doubtful at this age that I will ever see or do the things you're doing but with your wonderful descriptions I am living the dream vicariously, if you don't mind...
    with you & yours' in my heart I am wishing you
    Fair Winds & Happy Trails !!

  12. Keep your blogs, thoughts and courage coming !!
    next best thing to being there...which I am in my heart and mind.
    I like to post the blog connection on Facebook...

    Fair Winds and Smooth Seas


  13. Am following your blogs with eager anticipation .... until the next posting. Amazing experiences you are all having. LOVING the pics and stories... there's a book in there somewhere??? Really hope we get to see you all in NZ, Australia, Noumea??? OR OR OR? Keep us posted.

  14. Hi Folks !

    Glad to hear you are lagoon-safe
    I post your blog on Facebook because I want people to read your fascinating writings..
    Be safe.
    Wish you Fair Winds & Smooth Seas


  15. Suki,
    You had me on pins & needles recounting the ordeal of sheared engine parts !
    I'm saying a little prayer now to the Big Person in the sky...
    Of course, last thing you need is spending $$ for parts...
    But I'm confident in Jon as you are...
    Take care in Port Phaeton...and keep your collective chins up !
    Happiest of Trails !

  16. Had me on the edge of my seat during the rescue !

    Things will have a way of working out for people like you...

    maybe the engine breaking was the Universe's way of saying ...stay for a while.

    Happy Moorage !

  17. Godspeed to Hilo, Pura Vida...
    hoping no doldrums !
    Fair weather and smooth seas !

  18. hi pura vida this is dragonfly!
    we are thinking often about you. the time was too short in toau, but we are looking forward to see you in hilo.
    we wish you a safe trip to hawaii. good winds and waves
    michaela,angelina julian,christian

  19. Hey Pura Vida..... it's Rae (and Don & Henry & Aminah) of The Vortex...... met in San Jose before you jumped the Pacific.... thinking of you bunches.... would love to connect..... Sooooooooo surfing the gap as well..... heading down to Puerto Escondido to reunite with our boat.... will be right there with Manta..... thinking of y'all. peace, rae