Toau to Hilo: Day 20

77 miles to Hilo.
For the first time in two years, we heard the American Coast Guard on channel 16.

Its a funny thing listening to the radio in other countries because you do it out of seamanship, in case someone needs help.. but you hardly ever know what anyone is saying!

All around us is still endless blue, the magnitudes of emptiness as humbling as ever but...
The vibe has changed.
We grin at one another
(there is nothing left to say).

Looking for ways to pass the time, we throw ourselves into finishing the book, baking something out of nothing, drawing, painting, singing nonsense.

(Conceivably my lamest blog to date but hey, I'm tapped.)


****We tried to send this post all day but were unable to get propagation and connect with a station.
Its now 10:30 pm and I can see the light of Cape Kumukahi 22 miles away...!

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