sharks sharks sharks

The dogs HATE the sharks
and chase them away when they come in too close!

Grey reef shark( not so nice)

feeding ONUONU -Valentines frigate bird, she's known for over twenty years.

Our friendly resident blacktips circle the boat whenever I clean fish  

spot the blacktips?

Gaston sorting fish from the trap...

Our days wages...


  1. that's more delicious then any payment i've ever received!
    i KNEW i was being paid incorrectly!!

  2. Doktor Schaden FreudeNovember 5, 2013 at 8:27 PM

    Ja, I vud bee villink bettink mitt zu zat zem scharkies am fur findink zose bow-wows eben zo mehr delicatessen! Oh ja, by zee vay vot emailink iss zu att, Mac?