Toau to Hilo: Day 13

Fog, rain, squalls, no wind, steep, confused seas, water in the fuel tank, fridge stopped working again, too much wind, four meter seas, breaking seas, thunderheads...
and there we were feeling all lucky yesterday!

Well, it was good and then it got, less good, I guess.

We are all fine and have happy full tummies, thanks to that gorgeous Dorado we caught yesterday and we ARE still sailing to Hawaii after all (even if it feels more like we're heading for Norway right now).

It was a long night made longer by the fact that we had to stop the engine every hour to bleed the fuel filter and reprime the pump. It was a worst case scenario, with the seas kicking us around enough that it kept stirring up whatever water is still trapped in the tank. Jon never got more than 45 minutes of sleep before he had to get up and do it again...he's running on a pretty low tank himself right now, so I hope we catch a break soon.

We are sailing again at the moment, and even though he should be able to sleep since we don't need the engine on we have now sailed into some weird weather and are bounding around like crazy in 27 knot winds and beefy seas, that's not what keeps Jon from sleeping though, its puzzling out how to fix our fridge! We are still not technically out of the ITCZ yet... Maybe by tomorrow night, we will finally be totally clear of it and say good riddance to this thing!

Here's hoping for a better, next, 24 hours...



  1. Defffinitely not the kind of rock 'n roll for me!

  2. Dad/Alan/Grandpa etcOctober 27, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    Probably unhelpful to remind you of your Norwegian Viking heritage and the 'scaife's kerry' or 'cormorant rock' off the coast
    at John o' Groats. Fingers crossed for a calmer day tomorrow.

    F' THE F'ING OFF!!!

    love ya madly, deeply and crazily and just a reminder i'm with y'all as virtually as i can be!!
    see ya in the flesh in hawaii my lovelies!!