Toau to Hilo: DAY 1

After one last free dive under the boat and a final farewell to the incredible under water world of Anse Amyot, we dropped our lines and headed out the pass. Gaston and Valentine blew their Conch and we blew our ship's whistles and honked our air horn and headed out to sea.

The first day out, especially on a long, windward passage, is a bit of a butt-kicker. We have to sail Pura Vida as hard on this fresh ESE wind as we can to claw our way as far E as possible, before turning NW for Hawaii. Our goal is 140W by 002N-about 1000 miles from here-before we can head for Hilo. That tricky ICTZ is also waiting for us up there above the equator, and its sure to throw some navigational curve balls at us as well, but we will deal with that gremlin when we get up there. Its a rocking, thrashing, heeled at 30*, way to live for the next ten days or so...but there you go.

All things considered, our progress so far has been good. We're under a double-reefed main, with our Cutter sail and Yankee jib out and we're making 6 knots, on a lively, 2 meter sea.

The kids are snoozing off the woozies, Jon and I are finding our way into to our groove out here again and once we all get our appetites back and our tired, aching muscles get used to all the balancing and the bouncing, it'll be almost time to hang that left!

24 Hour Run: 138 miles
Lat. 13*54.00 South
Lon. 145*01.96 West
SOG:6.1 knots
COG:25 true

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