Storm -- by Hunter

'Rain, rain, rain",
I said one gusty morning(it had been raining and blowing twenty five knots in the anchorage for some days now)

"Mom" i said (over the blistering wind)"when will it stop?"

"well Hony" (she said in her motherry tone)
"we are just getting the gribs now".

"Ah, man, its gonna blow 30 for another coulple days"

"oh, no that suks, I was hoping we could go for a snorkle later if it calms down."

"sorry hony", said dad."not for anouther couple of days...but hopefully by next week".

"You said it would have calmed down by now" I said,
(I could barely hear myself over the houwling wind and furiousley pounding rain)

I woke up to the sound of running footsteps on deck,
"Jon, Jon" I heard my mother scream
( even though she was screaming I could tell she was tired)
My mom and dad had been awake all night.
"Babe, get up here!"
I was worried.

"Mom, what's going on?"
I was scared ( usually she was calm)
"Hony, just stay downstairs.."
-But I was cut off by dad coming down the hallway, his hair was stiking straight up
"wha what's going on?'

"Jon, the bowsprit...its broken compleately off just hanign by the railes"
she said meakly.

"Don;t worry hony, its going to be alright."

Then I heard him get on the bow,

"Mom can I please go look, I'm really scared"

"Okay Hony".

I ran like I never ran before, I got upstairs in a heartbeat.
"Oh good, its not as bad as mom said"

"Look closer" dad said, scraching his chin.
I looked so close my nose was almost touching the bow.
The bowsprit was underneath the boat, just barely hanging on by the halyard they had just put on it to keep it form being in the water!

A little while later, we where in the main salon, i was making coffee for my parents when I said aloud,
"I have fan mail for all of you."
I just remembered I had riten letters to my brother, mother and my daddy.

They looked at me with tired eyes.
"will it make a mess?"

"No. its just some letters and paintings"
5 minutes later everyone was laughing and it was slightly better again.


  1. Good for you! The gift of laughter in difficult circumstances is a wonderful thing. Both you and Kai have your mother's talent for writing. And I also think you're both very brave. I love you.

  2. Praying for your safety and a quick end to the storm! Good luck!!

  3. That is a great story! I'm so glad it had a happy ending. I like yours and Kai's stories better than your mom and dad's, but don't tell them that... LOL! Keep writing!!

  4. we're all slightly better again from reading your entry Hunter! i'm so proud of ya luv and miss ya madly!!