We made a course change about four hours ago--and we are no longer headed for Papeete.
After much deliberation, we opted to head instead for the Fana mah hara me Pass and then take the inside route up the reef channel, to Port Phaeton--very protected as the strong winds are supposed to arrive sooner than expected (later tonight) and we opted for the more relaxed atmosphere of celebrating Bastille day in a smaller town rather than the big city--besides all the official stuff, like the fact that we still need to "check in" to French Polynesia AGAIN, once in Tahiti--will all be closed, so we might as well be where we can play and not have to worry about our anchor all day if its really going to blow.

We are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning at the pass, and hopefully will have the hook down and be in aisle 7 looking for fresh veggies (and ice cream!) by early evening...

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