Goodbye Marquesas..Hello, Tuamotos!

These are from our last few days in the Marquesas...

Trecking through the jungle on Nuka Hiva...

... to  visit Muktuk's friends for a birthday lunch...
and eat delicious goat curry (Ali and Little Noah)...
Taiki shows Ali's dad ( birthday boy) how to prepare a special coconut...
Hunter and Taiki
Our version of soda pop now!

The "water-maker" in action
Sweet Jan and the conch horn

checking the transmission one last time....
homemade donuts, underway!
perfect sailing weather

prepping the brioche dough for rising...
Arrival in Tehuana, tutamotos atolls- on father's day morning!
Ali makes calzones on the beach fire
Carl and Jan

The fort-built by all the kids and Ali's parents-and they all slept in it one night!

Hunter and Erika make "dishes" from palm fronds
basket weaving!

The first of the underwater shots...still learning!

Arrival after the five day crossing..tired but happy!

Free divin' Kai

Kai took this one on a breath hold dive

Yup. He's taller than me.

Kai in cruise mode

bottom dweller

Kai stalks a small blacktip reef shark in the lagoon

Still working on getting that tan!

My boys...

...and now they're BOTH bigger than me!
...channeling Gramma Sara and her knack for being photographed  in silly headwear....
spotting for coral heads

Off to find something to kill and eat...

No photo shop required!

Coconut cocktails

Girl and rainbow

What's not to love?


  1. You sure Mister Taiki and Mister Water-Maker ain't the same dude?

  2. Hey Suki - et famille!! I googled you a couple weeks ago in hopes of contacting you again, as will be in LA in a couple months... and what do I find??? You and your gorgeous family crossing the pacific!!! How absolutely amazing. Have been enjoying your blog and the superb experiences you are all having. I loved my sailing days and your adventures make me want to go out again and leave the city behind for awhile. We are still living in Sydney Aus - would be so great to see you guys - all very welcome to stay with us in Sydney if you need the city experience again! If you're not going to make it to Aus VERY happy to meet you in NZ or Noumea, or or or?? I have family & friends in NZ who are all keen sailors - some of which have taken the same path of home-schooling kids whilst they spend 4 years circumnavigating the globe!!! Anyway, so nice to hear of your where-abouts (albeit constantly changing!) and hope to be in touch soon!! I always remember our acting days in Vancouver and how generous you were with your time, knowledge and friendship. Such a dear soul. Much love COL xxx (Colin McCarlie and Martin O'Loughlin)

  3. Say bonjour to Gaston and Valentine when you get to Toau. They were part of my band but I think they're doin' just fine where they are.