The Marquesas-By Hunter

Laughter is a language everyone understands
We have been in the Marquesas for one month. We have met many lovely people.

People we have gone to BBQ's with and we don't even know the language they are speaking!
We love the people here.
One day, when we were at a woman named Moie's house, she said;
"you are coming to visit my island where I grew up., Hivva Hivva, for the weekend. I will cook the food and the men will go wild boar hunting".
So my dad asked what he and Kai could bring. 
It went quiet and Joseph ( Moie's husband) said;
Kai cannot come.
"absolutely not" it was too dangerous.
When Kai heard this he looked so sad.
Two days later, Moie came over to the boat in a Kyak and said the plan was changed and that the men were not going to go boar hunting at night and Kai might be able to go if it was only in the day time.

The thing I like best about being here, is all the new friends I am making.
Atea and Mailie are Moie's daughters. They are 13 and 15 and are really nice girls.
The day after the boar hunt, we loaded some people on the big boats, PUra Vida and Marionette. 
Pura Vida had Moie and Joseph and Atea and Marionette got Tefa ( Moie's son) and Taiki and Viri ( Moie's cousins).
Atea got a little sea sick but we played music and tried to keep her happy and pretty soon we were in Hivva Hivva.

We all jumped in the water right a way and went swimming in the perfect clear water.
Good thing we have a lot of snorkels and masks because all the kids wanted to use them.
There was a lot of screaming at first because of all the jellyfish-but we assured everyone they were not the stingy kind.
Mailea, Atea and I all swam the long way to shore.
We got there and camp had been set up already.
I went up to see it.
It had a swing hanging from a palm tree, several hammocks and a basket of fresh baked banana  beignets.
To stop my hunger, I had two and then went to play in the waves.
Splash. Splash. Ha. Ha.
We played in the waves all day long.
Sometimes, we got tumbled in the waves and sometimes it was just very fun.

That night for dinner, we ate goat, that Ton Ton Leon got.
We had coconut rice, with fish...My plate was soon empty, huh!
So, I waited for the girls to finish and we all went to play soccer when everyone was done.
In the dark!
After a while, Atea, Mailie and I were all tres fatigue ( which is how you say tired in French).
We lay down on the ground under a blanket and looked up at the beautiful milky way.
Well, that's the Marquesas for you!
Mailea and Hunter

Tefa and Atea


  1. It looks way more than just very fun to me! I love you.

  2. can it get any better?? it just at night???? come on!!!!!!

    love yall and miss yall madly!!!