What a difference a year makes!

I'm posting this from Los Muertos...

Sitting at the bar in the amazing hotel, the one with the toy trains upstairs and the crazy slide in the pool.

We were here, almost exactly a year ago.

What a difference a year makes.

We landed our dingy on the beach, this afternoon and stood on the soft, warm sand looking out at Pura Vida as she bobbed on her anchor. 

Seeing her, from a distance, changes your perspective...
It's a little like watching your kids grow up.

We are so closely involved with every minute detail of their well-being, every stage of their development...

We spend our  time ( because we love them so) focusing on what "needs" to be done, what can be "improved",

So they will be "happy" "well adjusted", "prepared" to meet this crazy adventure of life head-on. 

Some of us will also wonder, when they will EVER start cleaning up after themselves, stop picking their nose...or punching each other...or leaving the lights on...

Of course, we also already know every freckle on their flawless skin, strand of sun-kissed hair, perfect nail on a pink, chubby finger...
Who could ever take those things for granted?

But, once in awhile, if you are divinely lucky, like on a perfect, spring afternoon, you will see them for what they are.

And what they were born to be-even without your constant intervention.

You will stand on a beach and be gob-smacked by the sheer awesomeness of their design.

They will be  just sitting there quietly or laughing together or talking about things you had no idea they knew about already...

And you will trust, that whoever designed them-knew what they were doing.

And whatever they are destined for-is already in their bones.

Hunter makes some bubbles!

Cheeky Hunter tries to steal Kai's breakfast b-day thunder!

The shirt says it all...
St. Patrick's day nutcase.

armed and dangerous-to seagulls only.

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  1. I'd really hate to have to give up picking my nose!